Sunday, February 25, 2007

Prom time

I was happy to hear that this blog is being read by people who don't know what a .plan is, and to those people, i commend you. Thank you for reading my blog and not making freaky comments. This person is Chani, i am glad you are not a weirdo and you are reading my blog. Next, make a comment. Perhaps about the formal/med school prom.

It was better than my high school prom, where the DJ was paid under the table and decided not to show up. We were told to bring CDs (pre MP3) and we had Henry MItchell DJing up a storm. But this time the DJ must have been 45 and he was playing the electric slide. I left before i was forced to do that by the tools in my class. That and the macarena, those are two things i will just not do. I have standards.

I left after my 3 inch heels started to make my feet go numb, that and i can't dance to journey. too much cheese. I am curious to know what sort of med school madness ensued after my departure. Open bars with no lines, girls in tight short dresses doing what looked like the downward dog on the dance floor, and a booze bus to bring them home is enough said. I must say i don't understand why 25 year old wear prom dresses to these things, but hey, your choice. You are a princess!


wb said...

Alright Darcy. What's your deal with Journey anyway? AND, what exactly do you mean by "too much cheese"?

.plans rule.

The Moderatilist said...

Darcy's blog would be a lot better if she wrote something every once in awhile.

DarcyM said...

Maybe the moderatilist should stop worrying about me so much. Doesn't seem like it was a very moderate comment. Stop criticizing me, i will live my life the way i want. Maybe we should rename you the manipulator with whatever suffix you would prefer.