Sunday, February 11, 2007

LOST and still PHAT

I am all for actors eating, the new look of many actresses is a little too gaunt (look at Kate Bosworth) . But, having said that, has anyone told the fat guy on lost to act a bit better? He has been on an island for 3 years at least. Shouldn't he be extremely skinny by now? It isn't like they washed ashore with a lifetime supply of crisco or something. They are scavenging for coconuts, bananas, and fish. The other characters haven't died of starvation, so he isn't eating all of the food. All I am saying is, that if this were a realistic show, he would be 150 lbs by now. Remember Richard from the first season of survivor? He got SKINNY. If this guy is serious about his craft, he might want to think about slimming down a bit.


N said...

why you gotta talk about the phat guy?? but i do hear what you're saying.. he should have lost a little something.. :)

Catherine said...

is coconut milk very fattening?