Wednesday, March 14, 2007

bica = muenster

There is, I must say, a slight resemblance in taste, but the bica is much more refined and pleasing to the palate. Muenster is a cheese one puts on a sandwich with a meat of your choice and perhaps a lovely mustard. Bica however can stand alone, independent and regal. The texture of the muenster was not on par with the bica, i think the taste is somewhat similar, there is a hint of muenster there, but i must say i still enjoy the bica and will continue for years to come. Aaron, in our discussion this morning it was revealed that you were obsessed with muenster as a child (did this include dressing up as a slice of muenster for halloween? ). I think this must give you an unconscious bias to automatically put cheese that you find appealing into the muenster category. You are still a cheese man extraordinaire, but i have my eye on you. Next time you tell me the blue tastes of muenster, i will know where your real loyalties lie.


The Moderatilist said...

Cheesy props for the Bica nod. I consider it a prince in the Kingdom of Cheese that is more than welcome at any of my round table discussions concerning the redistribution of noble lands.

wb said...

That is some of the most elegant writing to come out of you in a long time Marcy.

The Moderatilist said...

I just ate some stilton in case anyone cares. It was nice like Darcy's smile.