Monday, March 5, 2007

hug it out.

I recently read this. Like the monkeys coming home from hunting for food, maybe we should hug it out more often to show we are not hostile. Maybe a nice little tapping of the but might work as well. I think we might have to think about where that would be appropriate, but both forms of communique might work. Please adopt these in your workplace and let me know how it goes over.

hug it out.


Catherine said...

did you ever read about the monkeys that have sex upon meeting casually in the forest? they apparently boast a society free of aggression.

DarcyM said...

ah yes the bonobos, the missing link. Yes, they have sex all of the time. And rather than eat other monkeys, they play with smaller monkeys like dolls. Kevin is a wealth of knowledge on the subject of bonobos.