Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I like butts. Do you?

Today i tried out my ass tapping experiment. I touched a nice round bottom to give them a little proverbial high five. Not that they did anything that extraordinary, but i wanted to try congratulating a job well done with a nice little swat. It worked like a charm. I think from now on i will tap an ass wherever i go and put a smile on their face. This will be a surefire way of making new friends.

These butts are quite nice. I haven't found an extraordinary bottom like this, but i will keep searching until the day that i can touch one.


wb said...

This kind of smut has no place on the internet.

DarcyM said...

interesting comment wb, although i would have to say that your CT pics were a little more distasteful.

Joanna said...

I love butts! Man butts! Lady butts! Butts! Hi, Darcy!