Friday, May 25, 2007

Escape Artist

I am wearing my Macgyver T shirt today and i feel like I am now able to get out of any situation. I can use a pen, rubber bands and my birkenstock to repel down the wall of the health center and flee to safety. I could just walk out of one of the many exits, but that would be too easy.
He also a slight mullet, more like a mullee, which i think is quite flattering. Perhaps it will make a comeback. I have seen a few femullets around here, so you never know.
I also sport a Jack Bauer T shirt, but other think it resembles Jeb Bush. Jeb doesn't do it for me, but i wear the T shirt anyway. It has a rainbow and a smoking gun on it, i don't think it gets better than that.


wb said...

Nice boob shot. You know Macgyver is liking that. Oh, and Jack Bauer's a douche.

DarcyM said...

I knew someone would write a comment like that. Yes, i have boobs. its true.