Monday, May 14, 2007

Jim Watson, in bobblehead form

Yes, Jim Watson, the double helix himself, comes in the form of a doll with a wobbly head. Complete with his signature cold spring harbor beach comber hat, and while he isn't hitting on women, he is wearing that hat and binoculars around his neck, looking at birds.
Kevin got this for me while he was just there for a genome conference. thrilling. Watson was apparently signing books, so he could have signed the bobblehead, but maybe he wouldn't be so into that. Maybe next time i go i will bring it with me and work my magic.

Now he is sitting on my desk, head swaying ever so gently.


wb said...

Yeah, a Watson bobblehead. Nice Moschenross. Why don't you get one of Art Garfunkle too. Rosalind Franklin would be disappointed in you.

DarcyM said...

She doesn't have a bobblehead likeness or else i totally would have one of Rosalind. Perhaps we can have one custom made and have her beat up Watson and Crick on a movie we post on you tube.

qnewera said...

it look like a man bobblehead, I do a custom bobble of myself from it cheaper than other. quality is good. but is not made in USD. yours like skillful than that I want order you.