Sunday, June 17, 2007

I will buy new friends

I will lure them into my apartment with the idea of boxing, bowling, and other sport party games. We will seek out the best flat screen tv and play table tennis until we can no longer move. Yes, the wii will be my savior from this world of loneliness. No more friday nights watching toy story 2 by myself! i am feeling better already and it hasn't even arrived.
If anyone comes up with any tips for buying more friends, please post.


Thomas said...

What gives?! Not even a public 'Thank you'? You brag on the awesome Wii that the most amazing brother in the world buys you on a whim. I went to Target looking for insoles for my boots and bought you a Wii instead and I get nothing?! I feel like the agent for the actor that wins a dozen oscars and is shown no love. What's more, WE'RE FAMILY!

DarcyM said...

YOU ARE FANTASTIC TOM MOSCHENROSS!I love you, you are the Wii giver! i have told everyone you bought me the Wii. I have given you a lot of credit, and will continue for many years to come. I apologize for the blog oversight.