Tuesday, August 14, 2007

California in all of its glory.

ah California. It was glorious, and I will be moving there as soon as possible, finding Rod the abalone diver/Ranger, and living on the beach on the lost coast. Forget medicine. I will swim with the seals. Rod had the best mustache i have seen in quite some time, almost a handle bar, but better and a flavor saver thrown in there to boot. Too bad we don't have a picture of him.
I will show some pics on here when Whitney posts something. Unfortunately for you I was pretty tame, i don't think there are really any compromising pictures of me at all.

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The Moderatilist said...

Usually, I don't bag on people's posts unless they say something that really upsets me...

Darcy, What the hell is this?!? You were in California for over a week and this is all you came up with? Did Rod slip a Redwood between your legs when no one was looking?