Friday, August 17, 2007

David, you are my world.

My last post was about my trip. It was the first of probably many because i don't have much going on in the CT. David responded quite poorly. I write this blog to him. others may read.
David do NOT be miffed that I wrote about rod. He may be the start of my new california dream, but that does not mean you are not an integral part. You told me that we could not get married because I was of loose morals, but now you are angry that you don't take a more central role in my california blog report? I can read between the lines.... You are hurt, but I think I have sufficiently valid reasons to write about other men.

I will point out the fact that you will:
1. not dance with me for more than 5 secs before you say you have to go get a drink or go to the bathroom
2. will not hold my hand while joanna and whitney are holding hands, thus leaving me feeling unloved.

its cool, but don't be offended when I am more interested in a man with a fantastic mustache, as you have rebuffed my every attempt at intimacy. I must move on. I hope you can understand.

I have attached some pictures of the two of us that should illustrate my points.


wb said...

Darcy, do you routinely compose your blogs/comments on some sort of antiquated ENIAC punchcard system before uploading them through the tubes of the internet? Your posts are consistently riddled with grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization errors. You're better than that Darcy, and don't let anyone ever tell you differently.

DarcyM said...

There, i fixed it. You think you are so awesome, but who asks who for spelling advice? that would be you my friend, asking me. boom.

wb said...

I make no claims about being a capable speller. I am not. I simply make the effort to correct my errors before publishing and not look like a 12 year old girl on IM.

The Moderatilist said...

This latest post is a slap in the face to anyone who reads your blog. No, I'm not jealous of the aforementioned Rod. You are correct in saying that I will not dance with you and feel uncomfortable holding hands. It's not you, it's me. You have proven yourself inept at reading between the lines, so I request that you stop. No one can read between my lines, not even me.

In other news, the reason for my last comment on your blog was to try and eek out a little description of the fun things you did while you were in California, so the other readers of your blog might be able to live vicariously.

DarcyM said...

David- its so easy to get you riled up.

The Moderatilist said...

I hate you Darcy.