Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Filipinos are thrilling.

This video is thrilling. I really enjoy the person playing the girlfriend, you don't see their face until you get pretty into the video. I heard about it on wait wait don't tell me.

here is a video of them doing radio gaga Why wouldn't prisoners be happier while dancing? I think they have hit on something big here.

Oh and vote on the poll. even if you are lame, you should be able spot a real lame-O.


Vivren said...

Wow. They have a blog, even.

Lucia said...

uh, wow! I don't know what I am more astounded with:
- someone lets prisoners do this
- who taped it?
- the girlfriend (omg! that was Quite a shocker when she turned around)
- that there aren't prison yard fights about getting relegated to the sad mass chorus line
-the fact that there are SO many more of these on You Tube.