Monday, September 3, 2007


Whitney and to live without Regrets have aptly described hipster men, but they have yet to describe the hipster lady, who has to work twice as hard to be termed as such. I was recently at a pseudo hipster party, where I was decidedly out of place.
First of all, my clothes matched and I was not wearing a graphic tee that no one has ever seen before. That is a necessity for the hipster lady, as she has rumaged through high price consignment stores (she will never tell you this though) for some 70s relic that is so wore it is almost see through. She has layered this tee shirt with some garish color that is far from complementary, that is how she roles.
Accessories: I had no plastic jewelry on. The hipster lady enjoys a nice bright plastic bead necklace to be hanging from her neck. Or maybe some hideously large pendant.
Shoes: I also had reef flip flops on. Definitely not hipster. If I had been a real hipsterette, I would have been wearing keds. I would rather vomit. Maybe my sea foam green converse would have been acceptable, but I hadn't thought of that at the time. How stupid of me.
They were all smoking, all had either duct tape or chain wallets, and all they could say to me was, wow you must be really smart after they found out i am in school forever. They were trading Halloween costume ideas, a pair of them had decided to be Air Supply. neat. I decided that drinking would help me fit in. it didn't. I am no hipsterette.

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