Saturday, October 6, 2007

Coffee Shop Going/laundry Doing Saturday mornings?

Perhaps we can have laundry mornings on saturdays as well as sweater thursdays? I need more routine in my life. I should be doing my laundry every week, but most of the time i stretch it out, wearing my jeans until they can stand on their own. Here is a picture of me at tisane, a nice little coffee shop next to Wash Tub, which lures me with its plethora of 30lb washers. Fantastic. Do you know how much laundry you can put into a 30lb washer? well 30 lbs, but that is a lot of laundry. So i go for capacity and for the crackheads.
One time I gave a guy 50 cents and he said, that's all you got? Yeah, that's it man. These quarters are pretty precious and I am not going to give them all away. What am I, stupid? I want to dry for more than 8 minutes. really. I don't like it when beggars hit me up and then are ungrateful. They probably make more money than i do. I at least want a good story. There is a man that works this block who has a whole scenario going about how he just got out of prison and he needs to get to his mom's house. He just needs 3 more dollars for a cab.... This guy is good. I have heard him work this on several people and he is spot on. He wears slightly outdated clothes, making sense if he had gotten out of prison and only had his lakers jersey to keep him warm. Who likes the lakers anymore? He had his hair in thick corn rows, like the corn rows you would have your nancy do for you. I think he was also wearing high tops. It would have been perfect if they were reeboks, jumping jack flash style, but you can't have it all.
So if it isn't Saturday morning laundry doing, maybe just random picture taking saturday during your daily routine.

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The Moderatilist said...

If your jeans stand on their own, it's ok. You know you're in trouble when they start giving you a thigh rash. Yes, I have a thigh rash.