Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sweater of the Moment Thursdays

I am following the advice of jobonga by putting on a sweater today. I couldn't really wear it except for this picture because it is too hot here. But, I wore it. That is important. I picked it because it goes with my shirt and it allows me to wear gold hoops. I love hoops.


Joanna said...

Well done, Darcy. Next time I'd like to see more of the sweater, but I like how you brought the accessories in.

wb said...

It looks like a very nice sweater. Cable knit? I like it. You seem to have a forced smile on your face though which leaves me wondering what exactly is going on out of view of the camera.

DarcyM said...

The pics get distorted with this camera, making me look like i have a shrunken head on a huge body. Me no likey. But, in answer to your question, yes cable knit. From old navy. I don't know why my smile was forced, i had to work quickly so maybe that is it.