Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Shoe and A Do

Well, since she really wants me to follow her lead in a more organized format, I am pairing this delightful shoe with who I would do.
Here is my shoe:
No, that isn't a camera trick. Yes I can actually do that. No, I do not find it uncomfortable. The shoe is a sea foam green low top converse with dark green laces and magenta stitching. I think they are lovely shoes that can go with almost any outfit. I got them at urban outfitters in Harvard square about 4 years ago or so while visiting Joanna and maybe david and haskell.

Here is who i would do:
Michael Vartan, who speaks english and french fluently and was a complete bad ass on Alias. Intelligent, well dressed, well mannered sort of man, who also just seems like a nice guy. Oh, and he is quite attractive.


Joanna said...

Sorry, mad nerdess. You know how bossy I can be. Good show.

DarcyM said...

Yeah, you are a tyrant. Sometimes after you chastise me for not following your explicit instructions, I cry.