Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sweater Thursday Thanksgiving Style

Thanksgiving comes only once a year, so pig roasting is obviously a must. There will be more posts to follow on the pig, but at this very moment the aroma of piglet can be smelled from at least a block away. It smells of deliciousness. Don't be jealous. Or do, it's your call.

This sweater belongs to one W. H. Barnebey. It is a light gappy sweater, which is good because the roasting area is quite warm. I had it on backwards to highlight my devil may care sweater wearing habits. In this picture, Whitney is taking care of business and I am just trying to look pretty.


Joanna said...

You should pair that sweater with stretch pants. Speaking of pants, tell Whitney not to wear that pair anymore.

wb said...

I'm wearing that pair right now, and they look good. Just like they always do.

DarcyM said...

Those are the pants you don't like? I would agree that they aren't his best pair. Sometimes comfort wins out, but I wouldn't expect that from someone so vain.