Friday, December 21, 2007

Sweater Thursday: Old Man Style.

This is my pops in his sweater. I didn't have a sweater on yesterday, nor do I have one on today. The reason for that is because my luggage is in philadelphia, with no word on when it is going to come to my house. I think my dad looks great in his high waisted cuffed pants with the white athletic socks. You can't see his cool high top keens, or kick ass keens (my mother's moniker), but believe me, they are on. In his retired life, his only assignment is to read the Post-Dispatch everyday. He is quite worldly and worthy of sweater thursday.


Lance said...

Sorry to hear about your baggage problems. Christmas with no clothes is not fun. However, the longer the problem goes on, the greater will be the motivation/excuse for a shop-till- you-drop expedition. It's not totally clear from the photo, but it appears your Dad has the James Taylor look goin' on pretty good. Translation request: Do "keens" = Keds? Or is this a little known regional colloquialism? In any case, have a great Christmas!

DarcyM said...

no. keens do not equal keds. Do your research.

Lance said...

I did. You're right. They are NOT AT ALL the same.