Friday, January 25, 2008

double bag it?

Yesterday I started out my three happy hours with a beer from the dogfish Head Brewery, the raison d'etre. It was 8% alcohol. This double the alcohol in 1 beer is always a problem for me. I think they should print in large font that I am actually drinking something with a kick, that way I know to avoid it. Only bad things happen when I drink strong beer, like trying to play dance dance revolution with an applicant for my program and not remembering it the next day. This time I was more subdued, but I did continue on my merry way to the next two happy hours, drinking more beer and then being rowdy at a movie, which was made much more enjoyable with a stella. I am a classy lady.

1 comment:

Kim said...

My favorite domestic is Long Trail Double Bag, imported is Maudite.
Just be sure when drinking these to not drive, you wont' get far!