Sunday, February 3, 2008

Are you one of those nerdy college types?

I was wearing my sweater thursday outfit to Braza this thursday night, and every time I go to this bar for 5 dollar martini night with my friend, i am hit on by either sketchy men or 40 year olds. Thursday night was no exception, a sketchy 40 year old man, who could have been sporting a mullet if he had just let that hair flow, came issuing forth. He kept interjecting into our conversation while my back was turned. After he had finally gotten my attention because I felt sorry for him, he opened up with the line, "So, are you one of those nerdy college types ?". I didn't really know how to respond to that, so I sort of looked at him with my intellectual eyes, and said, "no". I did talk to him for a little bit because my companions were talking groceries.

The highlight of the night was after he was really drunk he gave me his phone number talking about setting a up skiing expedition, party bus and all. Awesome.

Pat- Ski ? FUN? I don't know that I like to have fun. I am a nerdy college type.


tommy said...

$5 martinis or not, I'd find a new bar.

DarcyM said...

I didn't mention the worst part: Jose Paulo, lounger singer/karoke master, singing Thursday nights. all night long.

Lucia said...

having just been involved in a party bus event - I would go anywhere with anyone to ride in a party bus again.
as this party bus event moves farther into the past I bet I will reconsider, but maybe not.