Sunday, February 3, 2008

I could really go for five guys right about now.

Five guys burgers and fries is sweeping the nation (madison get ready). I recently took the lab on an outing there on thursday. They were quite pleased with the resulting flavors. Who wouldn't love food fried in peanut oil? The answer: no one. Well, unless you had a peanut allergy, and in that case, you would go into anaphylaxis as soon as you entered the restaurant. Free peanuts are up for grabs through out the place, but they spontaneously combust after leaving the store, due to all of the small atopic wienie children. Check one out if you get the chance.


tom said...

I'm sorry, but I cannot eat at that place. It just opens up too many opportunities for what you say to be taken the wrong way. For instance:

Friend 1: "What do you want for lunch?"

Friend 2: "I could really go for Five Guys." or "I would LOVE Five Guys right now." or the dreaded "I could eat Five Guys."

Keep it simple. Everyone loves a little In 'n Out... Burger... make it a Double Double... animal style.

Quite possibly the most innuendo I have written in such a small space.

DarcyM said...

That is no excuse. You have to rise above it.

wb said...

I would totally eat Five Guys right now.