Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Favorite Holiday.

Easter is approaching. It is one of my favorite holidays. This is not really due to the resurrection of Jesus, although that seems cool, but more for the candy. Easter candy includes the marshmallows covered in sugar, the sugar covered in chocolate, the chocolate covered in sugar, the list could go on forever, but I won't. Anyway, I was in walgreens last weekend, picking up some charleston chew (a highly unappreciated delight), when I saw that the easter candy was on the racks. I searched for my all time favorite, and feasted my eyes upon the last bag of cadbury mini eggs. Glorious! They are perfect with their creamy chocolate and crunchy sugar shell. I think they add an addictive substance, akin to nicotine, to get people coming back for more. I think they should come up with other shapes so we can have them through out the year.


Jobonga said...

Those are my favorite, too. They look like real eggs and that adds something.

DarcyM said...

maybe they could make ones that look like bloodshot eyes for halloween. They would have to make them smoother in texture to make them more realistic and gross.

Cam said...

easter is one of my favorites too! Dude, the candy rocks. It's the best of halloween and thanksgiving combined (in my family, anyway). Have you had the whoppers eggs? They taste different than regular whoppers, Robins eggs, I think is the official name. But yeah, the cadbury minis are really good too. And the best jelly beans are the starburst ones (fuck you, jelly bellys). Don't you think the cadbury creme eggs taste different than when we were a kid? I used to be able to down 5 of those suckers like shots, but now, they're SO sweet. Just liquid sugar.

oh, and hi, I read your blog now. Update more.

DarcyM said...

Cam- you are very demanding. I like it.