Friday, March 7, 2008


Alright. I internet date. I am not ashamed, but I do want to share this message I got yesterday:

Hi, saw that you viewed my profile recently.

You are a very attractive young lady. How do you feel about a "Daddy" type?

You obviously know that I am certainly old enough to be your father. In fact, I have a daughter your age living and working in NC. I must tell you that the mere thought of even thinking about meeting is exciting, but please don't take it the wrong way. You obviously have a lot of substance and intelligence and that is also an attraction. Anyway, thought I'd respond to your obvious curiosity.

I don't remember looking at his profile, but who knows. He is 57 and creepy, and I don't go for the "daddy" type. I don't think I actually looked at his profile seriously, maybe just because he said the first thing people notice about him are his bedroom eyes. Well alright. He is also pretty arrogant, writing about "my obvious curiosity". Now I am angry and wouldn't mind writing him back. Please give me some good fodder.


wb said...

Darcy, cancel your account. Now.

kimwim said...

What wb said.
Also, Bruce would have a blast yanking this guy's chain, you know.

moschie said...

I third WB's comment. My suggestion would be to open a new account with his picture as well as the same stuff he filled in for his profile, write to him saying the exact same thing he said to you and then finish it off with a nice big GET BENT! Of course I'm keeping that extremely clean. I suggest a peppering of creative and unique expletives.

tommy said...

You should've asked, "Don't you mean Grand-Daddy type?"