Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Eggs!

We experimented with a lot of different dyeing techniques, including crayons and oil for some dye exclusion. Here is a picture at end of the egg dyeing process. I personally like the egg that says SHAZAM on it on the bottom left in the carton. Joanna made that one to pay homage to Leslie of Leslie and the Lys.
This is a nice artsy picture Whitney did, showcasing my eggs for me. I did the nice green and blue one at the top left as well as the classic one with the green, yellow, blue, and purple in the middle. Joanna did a great one about her lady rapper name, glad pants, complete with a pair of pants on it (not shown), but you can sort of see her name on the egg at the top right.
I also really like the purple on with the teal stripe, very classy. I hadn't made eggs for a long time, so I was glad we could do this and eat a lot of candy and it was all acceptable. Go Jesus!

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zaf said...

We used the oil exclusion technique this year, too. We read about it in "Cooking Light." Still, I really like the swirly one near the center of the top photo, the egg I like to call E-82J for no particular reason. Is that an oil-swirl or maybe just drawn on? Will the mysteries of Jesus never end?