Monday, March 24, 2008

GGW 08 part 2

I am back from Madison after a whirlwind weekend of:

1. Leslie and the Lys. Um I know I already said this in the previous post, but she is awesome. Seriously. Shazam. This weekend we all decided to become lady rappers. We started giving each other lady rapper names. Mine is Marigold Justice, Joanna's is Gladiola Sunshine Pants, Whitney's is Morning Glory Wood and we gave tommy one too. It was against his will or interest, but it is O. Snapdragon. I came up with the flower incorporation, and was quite strict about it.

2. On campus: We stopped by the student union and played a little dance dance revolution and ate a little ice cream after we went to the University of Madison art gallery. I was happy that I beat Whitney in DDR, showing him (and joanna) that I am able to dominate the dance floor.

3. Meeting Tommy and Leigha. Finally we aren't just faces on facebook and blog posts to each other.

4. Seeing Lisa Johns. I hadn't seen her in 5 years, so it was good to reconnect.

5. breakfast scrabble. A new way to play with some added leniency and the second attempt brought in the concept of multi dimensional and off board playing. wild.

6. Egg dying and easter candy. We ate way too much candy. As you can see, joanna and whitney continued after I left. We also made some pretty fantastic eggs. I am sure there will be posts coming soon.

7. Cheese.


tommy said...

I think you need to continue with Breaks in out-of-the way places.
(Girls Gone Wild 2009: Nova Scotia)

DarcyM said...

I have recently been invited to my friend's island in sweden for early august. What do people think about that?

tommy said...

sounds far less interesting than Nova Scotia.

DarcyM said...

O. Snapdragon. You can't be serious.