Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sweater Thursday

I chose this picture out of the Photo Booth photo shoot for this sweater Thursday for a couple of reasons, which I will now share with you:

1. I am wearing a graphic tee. I would like to celebrate the graphic tee under the sweater because I think even though it is unappreciated by some, it receives a warm welcome from others. I really like this shirt, I got it from woot shirt, and it is titled "Eating Healthy". You can't really tell, but it is the blob eating runners. How drole.

2. I wanted to show how close I am to my lab bench. I have recently been moved from next to the refrigerator to a tiny space in between my bench, another refrigerator and 2 filing cabinets. It is now extremely convenient for my lab work, so convenient that it is right on top of me. I did not choose this area, I came into work and my desk had been moved into this configuration. I am told to not ask questions and just do what I am told, so I didn't. I think I almost feel like people who work in cubicles, although my cubicle is surrounded by noxious chemicals and glassware.

3. Although it is annoyingly close to my bench, my desk is now right next one of the few windows in the building, so my life doesn't seem so dreary.

1 comment:

wb said...

As you point out, you can't even tell what's on your graphic tee. Thus ruining both a good sweater and a good shirt.