Monday, April 14, 2008

Get ready for the hottest party.

This Sunday marked the first Dance Dance Revolution dance party. The evite was created, the guest list chosen, the date and time set. Irene was gracious enough to host, and to even make snacks. As soon as I walked in I knew this was going to be a good time. I had come in sweatpants, but mike d. took dance wear quite a bit further. When I first saw him he had on blue polyester leisure pants with a navy blue bike jersey, one that has pockets in the back, apparently to carry subs, which was pretty awesome. So, we set up the Wii and we started to dance. Quickly we all became way too hot to continue in our early spring wear and mike d. took off his jersey to reveal something that made his outfit even more magnificent. It was a shirt made for a prepubescent girl that was white with blue sleeves and had scrunch ties on the sides. Needless to say it was a bit tight and showed a fair bit of midriff. The crowning glory of this shirt was what was written on the front, "Holla Back". You can imagine the cat calls resulting from the unveiling of this shirt. We dance for at least four hours, with mike d. spurring all of us to dance harder and faster than we ever thought was possible. I will soon post some videos of the event. Stay tuned.

artwork by mike d. 4/14/08

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Schuyler Schuster said...

You write, "Quickly, we all became way too hot." Please note that this was the *hottest* party. You cannot become too hot at the hottest party, because the heat of the party will always eclipse the heat of sweaty dancing. It is, likewise, impossible to become too cold at the hottest party. The hottest party, like Goldilocks' middle bed, is always just right.