Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I received this email from my boss on saturday. It was CC'd to the new post doc in our lab as well as my former boss who pays for me but is more a silent partner. I have cut out a bit and highlighted the important sections:

This mail requires your attention. I am very pleased with your success in
the ChIP experiments you have done so far.
I would also like to devote an hour every day for you to
prepare for this work and your talk. I propose 9-10 for our meeting.
Starting this week, [post doc], you and I will be meeting every Wednesday
at NOON regularly for our lab meeting and Journal Club. We have a lot to
learn on liver/hepatocyte biology, transcription, stem cells and embryonic
development. I am working on setting up our conference with [silent partner].
In addition, we will plan on scheduling a FRIDAY NOON ONCE A MONTH for a
joint lab meeting with [other lab] to discuss research of mutual interest.
We have a happy hour once a month that we must attend. You should
also try to go to student lunch with seminar speakers. These are your only
social obligations.
You should try to go to our Monday JC and Tuesday work-in-progress as
much as possible. Due to limited time available to you, your work should
take priority, and you should be mindful to increase your research
I am now beginning to make contacts and arrangements for the many new
reagents and tools you will need to pursue your project most vigorously. I
will be especially grateful for your enthusiastic efforts to make our lab a
better place to work.
As always, my door is open whenever you need me. Please be considerate
in finishing your graduate program assignments early and seeking my input
ahead of schedule. Please inform me ahead of time if you will be away.
Thank you,
Sincerely yours,

Here are the major points from this email:

> 9-10 meeting everyday. Tricky ploy to stop me from coming in so late. I blame Schuyler for it mainly. It is now day 3 of him actually being here at 9am. I (and others) really didn't think he had it in him to be in lab before 11 so many days in a row. I don't know much longer I can take this scheduled rigidity.

>He probably wrote this because I didn't do that much last week after I had two presentations and a poster, all due on the same day. This caused me to get a horrible cold. I came to work, but did some computer work instead. He said at the end of the week, I don't know what you are doing over there, but you'd better get to work. I responded, ok, and I walked out of his office.

> I am not allowed to go to any social functions. Social functions are the only thing that keeps me sane.

> I need to get a t shirt that says INTENSE EXCITEMENT. I plan to wear it to lab and wear a mask with a large smile on it.

>He likes to cc people that shouldn't be cc'd


Mike D. said...

We can make that t-shirt happen.

DarcyM said...

that makes me intensely excited!