Thursday, May 1, 2008

Some randomness.

I got tagged by jobonga to write some random thoughts. This is easy for me as I am a queen of non sequitors.

1. I recently learned what a merkin was from the podcast You look nice today. This leads into the fact I like to look up random things on urban dictionary.

2. I am addicted to scones and tea from whole foods. I go in so often that I have my own tea stash behind the counter with my name on it.

3. I like to buy shirts from shirt.woot. I have over 20 and I have to force myself not to buy more. I think I am going to send in my own design about the dangers of muffin top poking. It's a cause a lot of women can get behind.

4. I like to wear white sunglasses and flowery coats. I like being seen. And I am, From very far away.

5. Sometimes I stay longer at work because I really like my computer.

6. I have a cold and it has caused one of my lymph nodes to swell to the size of an edamame. I think it is fascinating and I palpate it often.

1 comment:

wb said...

Stop palpating yourself.