Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Roller Derby III

We went to the roller derby championships on Friday. It was Elm City Bone Crushers vs. Widowmakers vs. Iron Angels. It was a great time although it was a long night because of the three team round robin playoff setup. here is a link to a better synopsis of the events.

1. getting an awesome whoopie pie from the cupcake stand.
2. getting a new elm city bone crushers tee shirt, pictured on the right.
3. deciding on my new rollergirl name: "flirty sanchez"
4. playing skee ball and subsequently winning fake teeth.

1. dropping my whoopie pie cupcake after tanner and mike d. hugged me darcy sandwich style.
2. watching mike d. schmooze with all of the roller derby peeps and not getting a comp ticket for me.

here is a picture of the winning team, my new favorites. They have hard core formations, good uniforms and their jammers are really awesome. When I become a rollergirl I am hoping they will accept me into their group.

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Mike D. said...

I <3 roller derby.