Tuesday, July 22, 2008

T Shirt Tuesday #1: Houndstooth

I felt a little left out during sweater thursdays, mostly because I don't have that many sweaters, so I couldn't really compete. What I do have a lot of is graphic tee shirts. I have decided I will wear a new one every tuesday until they run out. I think this will take me a really long time. This tee shirt is from shirt.woot and is 1 houndstooth. I think it is drole and sort of looks like a spaceship flying across my shirt.


Mike D. said...

Darcy, I just had an extensive conversation about the fantastic lighting in this photograph. And it's not just because of your provocative posture, nay, your skin almost looks porcelain.

Really outstanding.

Hoop earrings too... Dang. A+

Alex said...

Has any fashionista ever called it out?

DarcyM said...

there aren't really any hard core fashionistas around these here parts, but there have been a few people that have recognized the humor in the shirt.

Mr. Tanner said...

I'll be bold and say I like it due to the provocative posture.