Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Survey says....

OK. Maybe you know that I am having a fry party. I know they have them all of the time in the Midwest, where things are fried and melted cheese is poured on top. They unfortunately frown upon that sort of behavior here. That doesn't mean I am not going to do it, but I need midwest advice:

1. What are fun things to fry that I haven't thought about?

2. What are good beer pairings?


wb said...

I thought that woot was about the Biston betularia at first. Then I noticed the storm clouds.

DarcyM said...

you have commented on the wrong post. Shame. Shame.

wb said...

Something just went terribly wrong inside the pipes of blogger. I hadn't even seen this post yet when I wrote that comment.

DarcyM said...

nice try. now suggest some beers

wb said...

I would, but I'm worried about were my comment will end up. It could be anywhere.

Jobonga said...

pickles. ice cream sncikers bars. a game hen.

Lucia said...

having participated in deep fat fry parties, may I suggest:
1) frosted brownies - step 1: cut into cubes, step 2: freeze, step 3: turn freezer down a bit more and hard freeze, step 4: coat in batter, Step 5: freeze more, step 6: deep fry, step 7: surprisingly delicious!!
2) if you do pickles, do the rounds.
3) buy cheap biscuit dough in a tube, poke hole in middle, fry, toss in cinnamon sugar, amazing.
4) don't try falafel.
5) fruit usually sucks
6) wonton wrappers!!! really, try cookie dough inside wonton wrappers.

beer - need something strong and hoppy, it is a bit astringent.

Kim Morris said...


(can't hyperlink!)

Best brewery in the world! Will go with any cheesy item.