Tuesday, August 19, 2008

T Shirt Tuesday #4: The mulleted wonder

Yes, it is the man who can produce a bomb with some gum, a twist tie and a bullet. Amazing. Sometimes I make little dry ice bombs and put them underneath people's desks, but I don't think I could be as cool as macgyver. That is why I honor him with this t shirt.


wb said...

Are you OK with the fact that your last 4 posts have all been T-shirt Tuesdays?

DarcyM said...

I could talk about the bronx zoo. Maybe I will post something. If you are lucky.

jd said...

Hey, I have no idea who you are. Just randomly stumbled on your blog, and I liked it. You seem very interesting. I love all you t-shirts. I also like turtles. (No idea why I threw that in there.) What exactly do you do? Looks like animal experiments, but not sure. Anyway, just wanted to learn more about this random, and quite honestly, attractive mad scientist.
No I'm not forty, nor am I trying to hit on you. Just found your posts interesting. If you get bored write back, or something.