Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In the Bronx, there is wildlife.

This past weekend I went to the Bronx zoo. It was a visit intended to see my brother, Tom, and have him meet schuyler. Well, meeting schuyler didn't really work, because he had to work. But, I did get to briefly see Tom, as did schuyler's mom (Amy) and his brother (Gabe). The zoo was crazy expensive, but it was huge, so I think fairly worth it. Gabe brought his camera, so I thought I would include some of his awesome photos.

This monkey had sad eyes. I have no idea what type of monkey it is, so don't ask me. I liked him, that is really all that is important here.

These flamingos really aren't very pink. I was enraged and asked for my money back, but they laughed at me.

We saw these deer type things while we were on the "bengali monorail express". I liked the monorail, it allowed for less people and more room for the animals. It was a fun ride, but I usually had no idea where the conductor was pointing.

This was taken outside of the butterfly house and is a very accurate description of me.

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