Monday, October 13, 2008

I like to steal.

I do, I admit it. Well, nothing like a car or anything, but pint glasses and what not. Sometimes I like souvenirs. No judging. I don't want to hear it! We went out to The shish kebab house of afghanistan last night for drinks with my friend Michelle. Apparently we totally ignored the sign that said private party when we walked into the bar. We batted our eyes and were allowed to stay, but the restaurant above was reserved for a wedding. While everyone was upstairs I casually decided to share in their joy by putting a wedding favor in my sweatshirt! I told the bartenders that I had an abdominal hernia and they should try to be more sensitive.

We ran out of the restaurant. Here they are posing for me with my ill gotten gains
we then opened the box. 

BROWNIES. Homemade, full of love and different flavors. 

 we taste tested. My personal favorite was the Chipotle.It had a nice little kick, but not too much and the brownie was a good consistency. The worst one was the mint, which was way too cakey.
me with my bootie.


timfxf said...

Brownie points for kleptomania.

Vivren said...

How do you stay so awesome? Do you work out?