Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today is my birthday. I walked in this morning excited about the bagel I was about to indulge in and there were Irene and Vivienne, with birthday fountains and tiaras with my picture on it! Obviously way better than my bagel.

And then we were talking for a bit, I noticed something on my bench. Those rascals were full of surprises!

And inside those little tubes were tiny little capsules that took me back to my youth. THE POP OUT SPONGE ANIMALS. HOLY CRAP. OMG. Here are just a few of them, the kangaroo and the elusive rhino. Awesome. I am going to unveil the rest during the day.

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laureng said...

That's so funny! My old boss Dr. Weissenborn gave me sponge animals for my birthday, but they weren't placed neatly in mircofuge tubes:( Happy New Year.