Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dollar Bill Love Letter

My Dearest Jessica! I love you with all my heart! I know I can't take you away from your problems, but I will always be there for you! love always, Steven

I scoffed when I saw this graffiti on my dollar bill this morning because:
1. Way girly handwriting
2. Way too many exclamation points.
3. Did he run out of stationary? a notecard? a sheet of paper?
4. Was a dollar necessary? Maybe she is a stripper and he wanted her to have a special note.


Lucia said...

why has no one commented on the fact that Steven clearly made the effort and Jessica would rather spend the dollar bill than always be there for Steven!?!
I am disgusted at Jessica.
but, Steven does seem lame.
somewhere in the world there is a ten dollar bill with a guy named John's phone number on it. it was for me. I spent it no more than 30 minutes after he gave it to me to buy a footlong corndog.
never looked back.
Spend on Jessica!!!

Kim Morris said...

Whoa! A stripper bill, did you wash your hands?