Monday, February 23, 2009

Craft 5: Beta testing of pouch construction

so I tried to make a pouch like a sandwich bag that folds over itself, but that failed miserably. I had to adapt and make this pouch with a velcro closure instead. I think it turned out alright. It was more a beta test for the next time. I like the color combos, which is the same as the placemats/coasters and I think I am getting better at actually sewing in a straight line, which is real progress.


Liz Harris said...

I love your blog and your crafts. I like the idea of the sandwhich holder but you could also make a larger version for a laptop case.

DarcyM said...

Thanks for your comment!
Well I wanted a pouch that wouldn't need a closure, that could fold over on itself. It could definitely work as a laptop case. I will keep working on it.

tpf said...

Extra credit for a laptop case/sandwich pouch. (I kid) Congrats on the straight line sewing. I actually know how hard that is at first.