Monday, August 10, 2009

48 dollar challenge: day 7

Today is a sad day my friends. I am going to fail my challenge as my car decided to act up last night and stall for no apparent reason. It started back up and no lights are on, but I don't want it happening again when I am on my own next week. It is in the shop while I am sitting in panera, riding my hot chocolate purchase at least another hour while I wait for them to get to my car. So, from my wallet I spent approximately 3 dollars, but who knows how much is damage is going to be on the car. Unforseen situations were at work here, ruining my awesome no money spending streak!  A week is pretty good though, and the car is not a frivelous thing. In this time waiting I have found all of these other things I want, including: swedish hasbeens and a dress form. Can't you just see those green ankle boots on my feet? I already have the magenta tights! I have already told my mother I want them for my birthday. I am willing to wait until december if it means I don't have to pay. well, maybe.


Jobonga said...

I think you have done admirably. I was wondering if your challenge excluded credit card purchases also or just cash.
I have a dress form. In fact I just dressed it up yesterday.

wb said...

I'm so glad you're breaking out of your blah, boring, old-colour, no-style shoes. How did they know to wear your tights in the picture‽