Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Viv texted me yesterday, very excited to bring me my birthday present she could not wait a month until I got home. I am turning 30 in 1 day. Very exciting. Good thing I still look 25, or else I would be upset. Anyway, she presented me with an amazing quilt. Last year I had emailed her a pattern from Anna Maria Horner, wanting to do it. But, I am too scatterbrained and forgot about it, but Viv did not. Not only did she make this awesome quilt, she went to great lengths to find the fabric. SO thoughtful. I am not a hugger, but I hugged her twice. TWICE. I slept with it on my bed last night. so warm. so wonderful. I HEART VIV.

This quilt is ridiculous. Very complex. I can't imagine cutting these pieces out. Good thing viv is such an expert. 

I am just maxin' and relaxin' on the quilt. 

Viv is pretty awesome. I am going to make her a purse to reciprocate.

I am also thankful for my other wonderful gifts like itunes gift cards, the promise of my very own crapples set, soft socks, etc. 

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Vivren said...

Haha! You look so cute on your quilt. Yay for quilts!!