Sunday, February 25, 2007

Prom time

I was happy to hear that this blog is being read by people who don't know what a .plan is, and to those people, i commend you. Thank you for reading my blog and not making freaky comments. This person is Chani, i am glad you are not a weirdo and you are reading my blog. Next, make a comment. Perhaps about the formal/med school prom.

It was better than my high school prom, where the DJ was paid under the table and decided not to show up. We were told to bring CDs (pre MP3) and we had Henry MItchell DJing up a storm. But this time the DJ must have been 45 and he was playing the electric slide. I left before i was forced to do that by the tools in my class. That and the macarena, those are two things i will just not do. I have standards.

I left after my 3 inch heels started to make my feet go numb, that and i can't dance to journey. too much cheese. I am curious to know what sort of med school madness ensued after my departure. Open bars with no lines, girls in tight short dresses doing what looked like the downward dog on the dance floor, and a booze bus to bring them home is enough said. I must say i don't understand why 25 year old wear prom dresses to these things, but hey, your choice. You are a princess!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Not the gamer.

Haha. That comment was not from the gamer boyfriend. He sucks apparently, i had put him up on a nice pedestal for a second, but now he has dropped way way down, back to his doghouse status. I did enjoy the comment however, very witty and complimentary. I think i know who anonymous is, so next time they post i think they should use their name and reveal themselves, that is unless I am wrong and you are some freaky stalker person.


well apparently my gamer boyfriend thinks differently (see comment 2 on last post) . I am NO nerd. I did recently pose for the camera to look hotter. I love the camera on my computer, it is like instant airbrushing. And, everyone loves the black and white, and since i am so white, the contrast is fantastic. I think my nose looks a little big in this pic, but its cool. Alright gamer, we are going to be beautilicious together at med school prom.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nerdy blogs and beautiful girls.

i was told to stop making medical references. I really don't want to be a nerd blogger. You know those types, they make jokes, that they think are funny. not so funny. I will make a concerted effort to not become a nerd blogger (even though my boyfriend has become a gamer) and test out possible blog topics before committing them to the world wide web.

On that point i want to talk to Ashton Kutcher about his show, beauty and the geek. Well the nerds are always guys, with the ladies being the beauties. You have the ladies learning that there is no geek, and then they fall for the nerd. How touching. Yes, but you never have the nerds being ladies and the beauties the men. Hot men would NEVER fall for a nerdy plain jane. Just wouldn't happen. take this fine specimen on the right. NERD. look at those glasses. seriously. What sort of hottie would fall for that? just wouldn't happen. Guys are intimidated by smart women. It will never fly. Also, they categorized one guy as a nerd because he went to harvard. that is complete bunk, because i have met plenty of chumps from harvard. chumps.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

possible reasons for phatness

Ok, coconut milk is quite fattening, so that is one thing. Someone else suggested he may be eating some people on the show to keep up his physique, so that is a possibility as well. perhaps this "dying" off characters is just a ruse to feed him. Maybe with all of that he can attain the 4000 calorie requirement he needs to maintain that weight. He might have a gland problem. Someone needs to go measure his hormone levels. He must be hypothyroid!

LOST and still PHAT

I am all for actors eating, the new look of many actresses is a little too gaunt (look at Kate Bosworth) . But, having said that, has anyone told the fat guy on lost to act a bit better? He has been on an island for 3 years at least. Shouldn't he be extremely skinny by now? It isn't like they washed ashore with a lifetime supply of crisco or something. They are scavenging for coconuts, bananas, and fish. The other characters haven't died of starvation, so he isn't eating all of the food. All I am saying is, that if this were a realistic show, he would be 150 lbs by now. Remember Richard from the first season of survivor? He got SKINNY. If this guy is serious about his craft, he might want to think about slimming down a bit.