Monday, April 30, 2007

CertainDRI certainly keeps me dry

Some might call me healthy (albeit with high sympathetic tone), while others might think the insensible losses that i exude are quite disgusting. Yes, I sweat. I sweat when i get nervous, when i am running, or doing any sort of physical activity. I do not sweat while i am eating, so at least i know that part of my life is safe. I am alright with sweating, but sometimes it is a bit inappropriate and embarrassing. Through experience, I have learned to keep my arms down while wearing any sort of button down shirt and to wear a cardigan while doing presentations. Layering is key for people like me.
I was discussing this problem with a colleague and they suggested a prescription strength antiperspirant (available at your local CVS), they couldn't remember the name, but were confident in my ability to sniff it out. That i did. I bought Certain Dri immediately. It has 15% aluminum cholride in it. I am not sure what it does, but it certainly keeps me dry. You must put it on at night, let it get in there and do its job. And, boy how it does its job. Joanna had asked specifically for me to sing certain dri's praises. Full of praise am I for Certain Dri!
There was a lengthy insert with some warnings on it that i didn't read. It is possible i will develop tumors in my armpits at some point in my life, but at least i am dry.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Wedding Berzerker

Tomorrow night is the wedding to end all weddings, namely of Tom and Missy. There are people being flown in from poland, we all know what that means. Crazy polish guys whose only command of the english language is within the realm of profanities. I am sure there will be dancing and carousing, lots of carousing. More to come after tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Bulls and Bars

New Haven has a new attraction which i happened to find on Saturday night. It is contained within a bar tucked in on a small street of no consequence. We took Missy out for her bachelorette party and it was on the scheduled route. No we didn't have to wear penis hats or anything phallic of any kind, but we did go to a bar where you pay to get smacked. 3 dollars gets you up on the bar where a bartender whacks you with either a paddle or your own belt and then proceeds to pour a shot down your mouth. That isn't the most exciting part of this bar, it is the mechanical bull. We had to stay until 11 so we could get on it, but it was well worth it. Missy rode that thing like a champ, and decided to tell subsequent riders to grow a penis when they fell off quickly.