Saturday, July 28, 2007

The portugeuse sunglasses are out of exile.

Perhaps you will be happy to know they have started to breathe life once again. I got them fixed for the california trip. I can't wait to look stylish in the california sunshine. Whit will try to match me with 5 dollar sunglasses from some bargain bin. He will fail, as my sunglasses are glorious. Jo, you better also be sporting something fantastic. I know you can.

Friday, July 27, 2007

mind your Ps and Qs

Today, i was speaking to someone and they commented about my blog. They didn't take the time to comment so i thought i would write a little something for them.
You can't not comment after reading. It isn't polite. The whole point of the personal blog is to facilitate discussion, and, from reading recent posts, to insult me. Saying nothing is almost worst, because you read but do not care enough to comment. You can't be an avid nerdess reader if you are not going to comment. You can't bring it up when you see me and pretend you know all about me because you read my blog. If you don't comment, then you are a blogger stalker. That is pretty poor.

If need be i will change my blogspot so you can't ever read it again. You know who you are. Don't think i won't do it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yes! jobonga just called me a fatty cat lady! let's keep the insults flowing. The pit in my stomach is coming back... Whitney, i know you have something to contribute. You are vain and mean spirited, so get to it.

depression is the best medicine.

If when you get depressed you don't like to eat. It's super. Its no effort dieting. Just eating a cracker is almost too much food. I think i may milk this blue-ness i am feeling until i drop those 10 lbs i wanted to lose. So this is the perfect time to be mean to me and help me on my way.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

skinny mirrors

The mirror in my room, the only full length mirror in the apartment, has been sabotaging me for approximately 2 and half years now. Every morning i look to it for guidance as to my fashion choice of the day, and everyday, a thumbs up. I leave the apartment thinking i am looking good. However, the harsh lighting and mirrors of the health center do not lie. My true form is revealed and it isn't always good. Glazing into skinny mirrors in the beginning of the day are a big problem. We should be looking in those mirrors only in the evening, when everything is settled. Then we would be feeling good. I must now proceed with caution every time i feel like i am looking svelte. Study the mirrors in your domicile. Maybe they are not what they seem.