Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yesterday I received a package in the mail. It was gold and had a picture of a certain midwest diva on the front. In that package I received my heart's desire: a tee shirt with Leslie Hall (zombie killer) on it and a pen containing the gem sweater periodic table. I forgot to bring that with me to school today, otherwise it would be displayed here. I was so excited to wear the shirt, that I didn't mind that it smelled like cigarette smoke, and I paired it with a nice cardigan, so the zombie killer was in a cashmere cage. I didn't want you to get scared from the site of the zombie killer so I took it one button at a time. Shown in the picture montage above is the site of Leslie Hall herself uncovered and recovered. Don't worry, no one got shot in the brains (see video in this post).

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Eggs!

We experimented with a lot of different dyeing techniques, including crayons and oil for some dye exclusion. Here is a picture at end of the egg dyeing process. I personally like the egg that says SHAZAM on it on the bottom left in the carton. Joanna made that one to pay homage to Leslie of Leslie and the Lys.
This is a nice artsy picture Whitney did, showcasing my eggs for me. I did the nice green and blue one at the top left as well as the classic one with the green, yellow, blue, and purple in the middle. Joanna did a great one about her lady rapper name, glad pants, complete with a pair of pants on it (not shown), but you can sort of see her name on the egg at the top right.
I also really like the purple on with the teal stripe, very classy. I hadn't made eggs for a long time, so I was glad we could do this and eat a lot of candy and it was all acceptable. Go Jesus!

Monday, March 24, 2008

GGW 08 part 2

I am back from Madison after a whirlwind weekend of:

1. Leslie and the Lys. Um I know I already said this in the previous post, but she is awesome. Seriously. Shazam. This weekend we all decided to become lady rappers. We started giving each other lady rapper names. Mine is Marigold Justice, Joanna's is Gladiola Sunshine Pants, Whitney's is Morning Glory Wood and we gave tommy one too. It was against his will or interest, but it is O. Snapdragon. I came up with the flower incorporation, and was quite strict about it.

2. On campus: We stopped by the student union and played a little dance dance revolution and ate a little ice cream after we went to the University of Madison art gallery. I was happy that I beat Whitney in DDR, showing him (and joanna) that I am able to dominate the dance floor.

3. Meeting Tommy and Leigha. Finally we aren't just faces on facebook and blog posts to each other.

4. Seeing Lisa Johns. I hadn't seen her in 5 years, so it was good to reconnect.

5. breakfast scrabble. A new way to play with some added leniency and the second attempt brought in the concept of multi dimensional and off board playing. wild.

6. Egg dying and easter candy. We ate way too much candy. As you can see, joanna and whitney continued after I left. We also made some pretty fantastic eggs. I am sure there will be posts coming soon.

7. Cheese.

Friday, March 21, 2008

GGW 08 post 1

Girls Gone Wild Madison 2008 officially began at 5:43 pm on thursday night when I walked out from the baggage claim into the balmy 40 degree madison weather. We went out to buraka for east african food (word to the wise: don't eat with your left hand). Whitney and Joanna had a surprise for me, they had been conspiring all day, giggling to themselves. They revealed the surprise during dinner, we would be going to the high noon saloon to see Leslie and the LYs. We did a little research on you tube and dressed accordingly, although I had forgotten my gold lame pants. The concert was amazing. I can't wait to see her again and expose central connecticut to the glory of the gem sweater.

We later consumed a lot of dairy in the form of fried cheese curds. Whitney wanted to dip these cheesy delights in more cheese, but was thwarted by the bewildered bartender. We instead dipped them in ranch dressing.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What we do at work when we are giddy.

This is Jen. This is what happens at snack time after she has been working with the radioactivity.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Roller derby.

I went to watch the stamford sabotage compete against the rhode island riveters last night. I would write more about it, but you can see all of the action here. Way better than I could do. I did like the names last night, like Eleanor Bruisevelt, Black Cherry, Pearl Jammer, and Bunnicula. There are tryouts coming up on the 25th, but I don't have any tattoos nor the time to devote to becoming a real roller derby champion. They really have to skate hard for a long time, which I would think take a lot of training. What I was inspired by was one woman who cut her fishnets in an oval shape on her leg so she could show off her tat. It was pretty hot.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sweater Thursday

I chose this picture out of the Photo Booth photo shoot for this sweater Thursday for a couple of reasons, which I will now share with you:

1. I am wearing a graphic tee. I would like to celebrate the graphic tee under the sweater because I think even though it is unappreciated by some, it receives a warm welcome from others. I really like this shirt, I got it from woot shirt, and it is titled "Eating Healthy". You can't really tell, but it is the blob eating runners. How drole.

2. I wanted to show how close I am to my lab bench. I have recently been moved from next to the refrigerator to a tiny space in between my bench, another refrigerator and 2 filing cabinets. It is now extremely convenient for my lab work, so convenient that it is right on top of me. I did not choose this area, I came into work and my desk had been moved into this configuration. I am told to not ask questions and just do what I am told, so I didn't. I think I almost feel like people who work in cubicles, although my cubicle is surrounded by noxious chemicals and glassware.

3. Although it is annoyingly close to my bench, my desk is now right next one of the few windows in the building, so my life doesn't seem so dreary.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

kings of convenience.

I really like KoC. In this video he is working it and really getting into the swing. I believe this is before Napoleon Dynamite, so it is just the european dance style. We have all seen enough europeans to know what that looks like.


Last night I discovered a new game, Mahjong. Not the solitaire version, but the real deal. It is pretty fun, I highly recommend it if you can figure out how to play. I played with Ling Ling and her husband Li, you might know Ling Ling of sweater thursday fame and other such posts. I went over for dinner last night and we started to play mahjong after eating black eggs, wonton soup, rice soup, lamb etc. I now know the characters for 1-4, 8, and 9, the other ones are a little fuzzy. I won a couple of times, apparently with some good points. I think it may have been beginner's luck. I have been invited to play again, but I want to learn how to mumble explicatives in chinese under my breath, so it can be more authentic. They wouldn't teach me how to say your father is a bastard, but I am sure I can figure it out.

Friday, March 7, 2008


I like this video because I like to DANCE. We first heard it in Newberry Comics, but Joanna wasn't into it. Maybe she will change her mind after she sees this video.


Alright. I internet date. I am not ashamed, but I do want to share this message I got yesterday:

Hi, saw that you viewed my profile recently.

You are a very attractive young lady. How do you feel about a "Daddy" type?

You obviously know that I am certainly old enough to be your father. In fact, I have a daughter your age living and working in NC. I must tell you that the mere thought of even thinking about meeting is exciting, but please don't take it the wrong way. You obviously have a lot of substance and intelligence and that is also an attraction. Anyway, thought I'd respond to your obvious curiosity.

I don't remember looking at his profile, but who knows. He is 57 and creepy, and I don't go for the "daddy" type. I don't think I actually looked at his profile seriously, maybe just because he said the first thing people notice about him are his bedroom eyes. Well alright. He is also pretty arrogant, writing about "my obvious curiosity". Now I am angry and wouldn't mind writing him back. Please give me some good fodder.