Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Leslie and the Lys

Tuesday night was a momentous occasion. Leslie Hall and her lovely Ly's were playing at the dark lady in Providence RI. I had first seen Leslie Hall in Madison WI with jobonga and the cheese rind. If you don't know about her, she is a larger than life lady rapper from Ames, IA. Sabrina Blaze, pictured below, was MC-ing the event, which was leslie plus karoke. Since it was St. Patrick's Day, Sabrina was dressed in a tight green sequin dress. She stands at about 6'5", so she is hard to miss.

Leslie came on around 11:15, with the Ly's in outfits complete with White Tiger heads, pictured on the below.The stage was very small, but she managed to put on quite a show. She brought up some gem sweaters, one of which was a christmas theme. There was an outcry from a show goer that didn't think this was an acceptable gem sweater. Leslie dealt with it in stride and thanked the pink haired woman for her vigilance.

Leslie and the Ly's tried out some new songs, one of which was titled: Craft Talk. I have embedded the video below. She giggled a bit as she said they were still working on the stage performance. She did her scissor kicks and her lady flips while on stage and had a great merchandise table, where we cleaned up! Schuyler is the proud owner of a SHAZAM! I am glamorous t shirt.

all in all the show was great although it was too short! I wanted more leslie. Her first set ended at midnight. Sabrina told us that she would be out later, but we didn't want to wait through a lot of drunken karoke.

As we left, we took pictures of the Gem-tastic Razzle Dazzle Van, which they use to spread their message of crafting and gem sweater preservation around the US.

Yesterday, I started to look on the interwebs for awesome leslie links, and I wanted to share them with you:
  1. Ramona Muse, aka Mona Bonez has her own website, full of crafting and her other art forms. She also has a blogspot blog, although she hasn't posted for awhile.
  2. Holla Back Ames, a radio show that features Leslie Hall, soon to be podcasted. I will keep you posted.
  3. Major Leslie Page, complete with a lot of links: the store, to the tour dates, her college art, etc. Spend some time here, especially the titanic club. Read this, you won't be disappointed.
  4. here is Leslie's more professional art portfolio, from college and beyond.
  5. If you search flickr, you can get some sweet photos.
  6. She was a guest celebrity on Etsy, she made some sweet picks of crafts.
  7. She also has myspace and a facebook, but those are easy.
Check her out when she comes into town. It is an experience.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Interesting take on the whole IKEA phenomenon. By Matthew Baldwin of the Morning News

The NON-expert: how to get through an Ikea experience

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

T shirt Tuesday 17: Robot City

Craft 7: Yoga Tote.

Ling Ling just graduated from her PhD. When someone graduates, we always like to have a little party, give some gifts. I made her a tote bag for her yoga stuff. I have Irene modeling the tote here, she is looking very stylish.

The straps on the side have velcro on them to allow for a mat to go on to the side of the bag.
I think the bag actually turned out really nicely. Ling Ling will be able to relax her body with increased style.