Tuesday, May 5, 2009

from a band I like.

The band's name is vulgar to those with sensitive ears, but I didn't name them. I just like them.

cool little article about epidemics and pandemics and the scapegoats blamed.

Just a cool little graphic about epidemics and pandemics and the scapegoats that were blamed.
nytimes ID chart

Friday, May 1, 2009

We (meaning viv, mike d., shaun, and occasionally kevin, schuyler, and myself) like to play the game Pandemic. It is a pretty awesome game with 4 simultaneous outbreaks of different organisms and your job is to stamp them out. Every player gets a different job with different strengths. You must work cooperatively, which is hard for me because I think I know best.
Now its happening in real life. H1N1 !!! pigs!!!! Perhaps we should use our virus hunting and killing skillz to erradicate. Now is the time to buy pork, I just have to get schuyler to eat some ribs.