Tuesday, November 30, 2010

new bag!

Jobonga is modeling my newest creation from style stitches by Amy Butler. It is a laptop/airplane carry on bag. I was pretty limited in the colors I could choose from at Joann fabrics, so I am very happy Jo likes it!

I am a purse making maniac right now, so I will post up my next creation as soon as I get it done!


I know guys don't like to talk about monthly lady times. It makes them nervous. But since I am a lady, I wanted to discuss menstruation in length. It is not a fun time and is very inconvenient. What do guys have to deal with that is comparable? NOTHING. Ladies as well as marketing executives are always looking for ways to make this time more bearable or environmentally conscious. We are all about the earth now apparently. We (my thanksgiving friends) were at some fancy co-op in the philly and they had the diva cups! I had heard about them but had never seen them, so obviously I needed to take a picture and discuss it on my blog. They are many options for the lady who is more environmentally friendly and I am happy the diva can cater to ladies both pre and post childbirth, which sizing is necessary and slightly disturbing in the radial difference of the cup. I don't personally think I could deal with this stuff, but kudos to ladies that want to do it! go green ladies. go green.

 (this product made Evan very uncomfortable so I made this picture his phone background)

This alternative makes me very nervous as a soon to be medical professional:

These I don't think are economically feasible (whole cloth diaper vs disposable argument)
I want to end this post with some funny commercials dealing with the purchasing or discussion of lady products: